Lola Arias (Buenos Aires)


27.10. 7.00 pm - 8.40 pm

28.10. 7.00 pm - 8.40 pm

Gasteig Carl-Orff-Saal


Entrance € 18,00 | Reduced € 9,00


Artist talk after the performance on 28 Oct, moderated by Benno Heisel (HochX) .


English and Spanish with German and English supertitles

Thirty-five years ago Great Britain declared war against Argentina, a war that today the English have almost forgotten but that continues to be omnipresent in the Argentinian national narrative. The war involving the Falkland Islands – which the Argentines call Malvinas – was an »old-fashioned« war – man against man. To this day the historic narratives of the two opponents are hardly the same. Accordingly, the mutual remembrances of the veterans who have their say in Lola Arias’ documentary work MINEFIELD is a tenuous subject. Once British and Argentine soldiers, they are now musicians, psychologists, teachers, security guards. In their stories, the mechanisms that are used to enflame conflicts become visible: the buildup of hate and of images of the enemy, the creation of heroic myths – war propaganda. The war is brought extremely close to the audience through the candor with which the veterans lay bare their experiences, and alongside the war the question of what happens to the individuals who experienced the war after it is over. Lola Arias has been a guest already twice at SPIELART, most recently in 2009 with MA VIDA DESPUÉS.



Directing and text Lola Arias Cast Lou Armour, David Jackson, Gabriel Sagastume, Ruben Otero, Sukrim Rai und Marcelo Vallejo Recherche und Production Sofia Medici, Luz Algranti Stage Design Mariana Tirantte Music Composition Ulises Conti Lighting Design David Seldes Video Design Martin Borini Sound Roberto Pellegrino, Ernesto Fara Directing Assistance Erika Teichert, Agustina Barzola Technical Assistant Imanol López Production Assistant Lucila Piffer Assistant Great Britain Kate O´Connor Costumes Andrea Piffer Costume Assistance Federico Castellón Arrieta Production Great Britain Erica Campayne


Lola Arias (b. 1976) is a writer, theater director, and performer. Her productions work on and with the boundary between reality and fiction. In her works she reflects on social, political, and historical issues, frequently based on individual biographies and family stories. She produced four works with Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll), most recently "Ciudades Paralelas," a series of urban interventions, in, among other places, Berlin; Buenos Aires; Warsaw; and Zurich. Lola Arias publishes poems, stories, and theater pieces; in addition, she composes music together with Ulises Conti, and she has already released several albums.


Production and realization
A Co-Production of LIFT with the Royal Court Theatre, Brighton Festival, Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Le Quai Angers, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Theaterformen as well as hTh CDN Montpellier Supported by the British Council.