Opening Hours Festival Center

Daily 11.30 – 01.00 am


Opening Party

Oct 27 from 10.30 pm at Muffathalle



Nov 05 from 09.00 pm at the Festival Center


Closing Party

Nov 11 from 10.30 pm at Ampere


Free admission



This year we would like to create with our festival center an Alpine cabin that will be in the forecourt of the Gasteig Cultural Center, an additional space for exchanges and get-togethers. With the help of the Munich set designer and director Blanka Rádóczy, a space will be created that will optically change continuously over the course of the festival, and it will be an open invitation for people to engage in discussions and to relax. As with every year, there will also be an opening and a closing party at Muffatwerk as well as the CROSSING OCEANS-party where people can come together to celebrate. Information about the current program in the Alpine cabin and the parties can be found on our website: