Mamela Nyamza (Cape Town)


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ROCK TO THE CORE is one of multiple productions by emerging artists that will be shown at the final day of SPIELART Festival. They can be visited one after another on Nov 11. For more information click here.

The Fleur du Cap Theatre Award organization says they have been awarding South African excellence in art since 1965 – the fact that here almost exclusively white artists are taken into consideration (52 of the 70 nominees in 2017) has to do with the criteria regarding how the works are screened. The criteria are distinctly more difficult for black artists to fulfil than for white artists. Mamela Nyamza, Chuma Sopotela, Buhlebezwe Siwani, and Zikhona Jacobs protested against this discrimination during the award ceremony in 2017. The – primarily male – reactions to this concentrated on the outfits of the activists, in particular on their legs, which were only covered by fishnet stockings, and because of this apparel they denied them credibility. The four take this as a motive to create a performance that deals with – via rock music as a genre dominated by white men – the subject of which bodies are reveled for certain presentations and behavior modes, and which ones are sanctioned. In Munich the artists will present a first showing of their rehearsal process for ROCK TO THE CORE.



Direction and Choreography Mamela Nyamza With Chuma Sopotela, Buhlebezwe Siwani, Zikhona Jacobs, Indalo Bennet


Mamela Nymaza, born in Cape Town, absolved a classical dance training, and danced in musicals such as »Lion King« and »We Will Rock You«. In her own, autobiographical works she deals with her status as an »other one«, as a black dancer, as well as with political and social subjects that have to do with her homeland South Africa. Nyamza also sees herself as a political activist, and is involved in social work, and dance and movement therapy. Among her most well-known works are »Hatch« and »Hatched«, »Shift«; »The Dying Swan«; and »Idolls«. Mamela Nymaza‘s projects are shown and supported internationally in, among other countries, Senegal; the Republic of the Congo; the U.S.; Canada; Germany; Slovenia; and Austria. Her last guest appearance at SPIELART was in 2015.

Indalo Bennet is a singer, dancer, actress and political activist. She is from Khayelitsha, Cape Town, a place that keeps inspiring her work as an artist. A graduate of University of Cape Town, she was awarded best actress in 2011. Through her artistic practice, Indalo encounters different sides of her own identity. A self-described “artist in learning”, she sees art as a laboratory and prefers collaborative- and workshop productions as well as experimental settings. Her work is being shown internationally and seeks to move beyond boundaries.

Born and raised in Cape Town, Zikhona Jacobs is a self-taught multitalented actress, singer, director, song- and short play writer. Her most recent productions were BUT THE LAND, AMAZA, ONCE UPON A NATION, the one-woman-show SENTENCED PAIN and the musical EGOLI, which she co-directed and musically directed. As a young, emerging artist she looks up to Chuma Sopotela with whom she always wanted to share a stage. She has also been learning a lot from Mamela Nyamza – about the industry as well as about being an artist.
The performance artist Buhlebezwe Siwani attended the Wit School of Arts in Johannesburg and the Michealis School of Fine Arts in Cape Town. In her works she renders her own body as a means of protest and also as a product of power structures. She is a practicing iSangoma (spiritual healer) and sees her art as being closely interwoven with her spirituality, and she views both as a means to find her own narrative from which history, identity, and politics can be formed.

Chuma Sopotela is a dancer, puppet player, and performance artist who lives and works in Cape Town. She has won numerous awards in South Africa and abroad; her works are part of numerous collaborative processes with different European theaters and theater festivals. She has performed at the Royal Shakespeare Courtyard Theatre in London; at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam on the invitation of the Dutch queen; and for Nelson Mandela on his ninetieth birthday. Chuma Sopotela‘s focus is on multidisciplinary work processes in the interconnection of Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.


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