Caroline Creutzburg (Frankfurt)


11.11. 6.00 pm - 6.40 pm

Schwere Reiter


Entrance € 12,00 | Reduced € 6,00


Shuttle Service from Schwere Reiter to the Kammer 2 and then to the Muffatwerk


German with English supertitles

NERVE COLLECTION is one of multiple productions by emerging artists that will be shown at the final day of SPIELART Festival. They can be visited one after another on Nov 11. For more information click here.

In NERVE COLLECTION Caroline Creutzburg, a student of applied theatre studies in Gießen, is simultaneously performer, director, and costume designer of a radically subjective solo piece; with this piece she won the »Körber Studio Junge Regie« award in 2017. Associative and at times almost cabaret-like, Creutzburg doesn’t start with one theme, but rather she views the work as a collection of specific incoherencies. Her collection of linguistically exaggerated snippets of text, songs, and costume and movement concepts becomes an environment within which the performer can move. With a formal clarity an act evolves for the sake of acting, which reflects the possibilities of theater and also the relationship between the performers and the audience.


Concept, Performance, Costume Design and Playlist Caroline Creutzburg Light Design and Dramaturgy Rahel Kesselring Video | Sound Hendrik Borowski English supertitles Clara Reiner und Aran Kleebaur


Caroline Creutzburg, born in 1985 in Berlin, studied applied theater studies in Gießen, Germany, and she works as an initiator, author, and performer in various constellations on the issues of what is assumed to be banal, the implicit forms of addressing, and the values of entertainment. In addition, she collaborates as a performer, costume designer, and sound and light designer on projects of her contemporaries.


Production and realization
Funded by the Hessian Theater Academy, Kulturamt Gießen and the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies.