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Muffatwerk | Gasteig


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2017 NOV 3 – 5 | free admission

If one follows Achille Mbembe, Cameroon philosopher and author of the book CRITIQUE OF BLACK REASON, differences first become a problem when one doesn’t grasp them as facts, but rather when one establishes hierarchies and classifications in their name. Then differences are no longer signs of a uniqueness seen in a positive light, but rather serve to erect boundaries and fend off alleged external threats. On the other hand, there is the goal of "allowing as many humane statements as possible."

Under the title of CROSSING OCEANS, the second SPIELART weekend will delve deeper into the numerous themes introduced in the productions that have been invited to the festival. The performances, lectures, and discussions have to do with the continuing and complex influence of colonialism; the organization of diversity in (city) states such as Singapore, India, Malaysia, or South Africa; the possibilities and limits of identity politics after they were taken over by Western right-wing populist movements speaking in the name of the allegedly neglected white heterosexual man. The issue of whether there are "universal values" in politics, but also in art, will be examined, or if these have to be modified locally in order to not appear to be imposed, and Europe's role between the continuing suppression of the colonial past, the "Greece crisis," and Brexit will also be examined.

Which ideas lend themselves to be derived from this for a world without compartmentalization? Mbembe himself is optimistic: "So we do have in the history of humankind a huge archive of cohabitation or coexistence, entanglement and intermingling. This is what empires were all about. This is what some religions allow. I would argue that to some extent, humanity has a very deep tradition of ecumenism, which we have not excavated as we could."


In Collaboration with Tim Harrison (Manchester), Jay Pather (Cape Town), Margarita Tsomou (Berlin/Athens)



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